Website Maintenance and Updates

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Experience reliable website maintenance solutions at an affordable cost so that you focus on running your business and we handle the rest.

We maintain your website to ensure that it is always up to date, secure and functioning efficiently.

We all relate to this, or at least, most of us do. We are busy running the business and forget to keep one of the most crucial components of the engine up to date – Our website.

Well, we are here to help you resolve that problem to ensure that your website evolves with modern trends and enhances your business operations.

How We Do It

Focus on running your business and serving your clients and we will ensure that your website is constantly monitored and updates to keep up with modern trends, security concerns and content concerns. We will also ensure that at every point you need to have a news announcement, new product launch, a great offer, a job opening, or anything else that you would like your stakeholders to know about, we update your website to keep it moving with your daily business operations.

We will review your maintenance needs and we will issue a detailed cost for the maintenance process starting at 3000/= per month depending on the volume of updates required at any given time.

What It Includes

Website Maintenance Services Include;

  • Content Updates and overall site improvements
  • Interactivity maintenance.
  • Announcements, news, job openings, sales, Special Dates banners like easter, christmas, etc
  • Website redesign to enhance aesthetics, look and feel, content and form and mobile responsiveness
  • Monthly Google Analytics traffic reports.
  • SEO Auditing to determine if your website is seo ready
  • Security updates and patches: cms, scripts, plugins and links
  • security scans and auditing
  • Website Backup solutions – This ensures that you have the guarantee that your content always is secure on a remote device should you ever lose your account due to delayed payment, hacking or any other cause.
  • Copywriting and content development to make your website an effective marketing tool
  • System enhancement including online payment integration, e-commerce integration and general management
  • Web applications support including usability, training of staff, mobile applications and social media integration

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